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  • Stuck Pipe Prevention and Fishing

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Date Duration Location
23-Nov-15 5 days Bangkok, Thailand
23-Feb-15 5 days Bali, Indonesia

Course Overview


Preventing stuck pipe incidents can save thousands of dollars in non-productive time. Stuck Pipe Prevention covers topics which can eliminate or greatly reduce stuck pipe incidents on your rig. Participants will learn the language of the well, also learn how to predict and detect the stuck before it occurs.

This course emphasis the prevention of stuck pipe. The team concept is used throughout the course, explaining the contribution and value of every crew member in the goal of keeping the pipe free. With your data, courses can be customized, and past stuck pipe incidents can be analyzed to determine what was done incorrectly and where techniques can be improved. Everyone will gain an excellent experience through the discussion and solving the cases histories more than 40 cases.


Course Objective:

  • KNOW how to predict and detect stuck pipe.
  • PREVENT stuck pipe incident to SAVE thousands of dollars in non-productive time.
  • UNDERSTAND the value and contribution of each team member in preventing stuck pipe incident.
  • LEARN how to predict and make contingency plan to prevent stuck pipe.
  • OBTAIN the knowledge on how to write the proper report for stuck pipe incidents.


The course is designed for:

This course is specifically designed for, but not limited to employees in the oil and gas industry who holds the following roles:

  • Drilling Managers
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Rig Managers
  • Drilling Superintendents
  • Senior Drillers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Tool Pushers


Course Outlines


Day One - 21st April 2014

  • What is stuck pipe?
  • What causes stuck pipe?


Day Two - 22nd April 2014

  • Types of sticking
  • Differential sticking


Day Three - 23rd April 2014

  • Warning Signs
  • Prevention Plan
  • Have a stuck pipe prevention plan
  • Case Histories


Day Four - 24th April 2014

  • Fishing Operations
  • Differential freeing    
  • Case Histories


Day Five - 25th April 2014

  • Fishing
  • Hole Cleaning
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