Syncronize Your Petroleum Skill

PetroSync is an international petroleum conference and training organization. We specialize in petroleum conferences and trainings. PetroSync also provides consultancy and news reports on global petroleum developments. PetroSync is a multi-national company with headquarter based in Singapore and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia
PetroSync is the combination of the two words, Petroleum and Synchronize. We believe in knowledge advancement and sharing. The name means synchronizing all petroleum knowledge with all petroleum professionals around the world.
The color orange is used because it represents the thoughtfulness and sincerity of PetroSync. It also means vitality with endurance. Lady Luck's color is orange too.
The color black is used as it represents strong, definitive, and self-control. In order to cultivate self-control, one must remove doubt. To remove doubt, one must gain knowledge and this is where PetroSync comes in to aid you.
PetroSync offers conferences and trainings ranging from exploration & production, surface facilities, business, and other related modules. Its events are attended by delegates from over 24 countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria, Qatar, Australia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, and many others.

Our Vision
  • To Be a Leading Oil & Gas Training and Professional Development Provider of choice.
Our Mission
  • Oil & Gas Training and Professional Development is our core business
  • To make oil & gas knowledge accessible, affordable and useful for all oil & gas professionals
  • To make our clients successful by synchronizing their oil & gas skills with the very best, whenever and wherever they need

We provide for the global petroleum market. Our passion for our mission will drive us to meet the existing, and growing demands of our clients. In today's highly globalized and fast-paced era, petroleum professionals must synchronize skill sets and network with fellow peers and professionals in order to stay ahead of competition. We look forward to a continued and growing relationship with our petroleum industry clients and worldwide partners.

Our Core Values
  • At PetroSync, we believe in the highest level of professionalism for our participants and partners. We work as a team with the highest dedication to make each event a success.
Integrity and Honesty
  • At Petrosync, we will deliver what we promise. We will make every effort to make things right for our clients, stakeholders, or employees.
Flexibility and Fairness
  • Our policies are designed and put in place to allow us to treat every case and every person individually.
Dedication and Promise
  • We understand the high expectations our clients have of us. We aim to deliver and exceed them. Our promises are straightforward.
Practical and Relevant
  • Practicality defines our events. Our goal is that our clients will return to their workplace and immediately apply the skills they learnt from a PetroSync event.
Fun and Learning
  • We want you to enjoy every second in all our events. We believe that learning can be and should be fun.
Why Partner With Us?

PetroSync is an international Oil & Gas conference & training company. We conduct conferences, public training courses, in-house solutions, and corporate consultations with Oil & Gas companies around the world. Our events are attended by influential decision-makers including speakers, instructors, and delegates. We are also proud to partner with our sponsors and marketing partners.
PetroSync believes in value for all. Speakers, instructors, and delegates will get the latest industry knowledge, vital networking opportunities, and invaluable sharing of experience among industry peers. Sponsors and marketing partners will meet your business objectives of meeting prospective clients, cementing existing relationships, and boosting your company's brand profile.

Let's Work Together

For many companies, partnership with us has become an integral part of their marketing mix. Just plan on how you can deliver your own objectives and build your business, we will take care of the rest. To find out more on how we can work together on elevating your company's business, please contact:

  • Sponsorship & exhibition opportunities
  • Association, press, marketing, and advertising opportunities
  • Speaker & Facilitator Opportunities
Why sponsor a PetroSync event?

“Conferences and events (45%) topped respondents’ ranking as the most important media for meeting key marketing objectives, outranking magazines (33%), television (30%), newspapers (24%), and radio (10%).” The Economist magazine's Global CMO report, 2008.

PetroSync is recognized worldwide as a leading Oil & Gas conference and training course provider. Many of our speakers and instructors are current leading petroleum leaders as well as award-winning distinguished lecturers. Many of them hold important positions in their respective companies and various organizations such as SPE, AACE, API, ASME and etc.
We are proud to be serving a global list of clients such as Saudi Aramco, PetroChina, Petronas, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, Shell, Pertamina, PTT, PetroVietnam, and many others. We are always searching for more ways and methods to add value to their organizations. If these people are your current or potential customers, then you have come to the right place.
For many companies, partnering with us has become an integral part of their marketing mix, delivering a complete solution of brand positioning, market research, and face-to-face touch-points with the people that matter.
With intimate knowledge Oil & Gas industry, a partnership with PetroSync enables you to develop a bespoke marketing solution that delivers. Allying your business with our event portfolios ensures your company is associated with the right message and more importantly targeted at the right attendees with a promotional program that will create and keep customers.
if you are interested in discussing sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact us."

Advertise with PetroSync

PetroSync advocates a results-based payment approach for advertising. Our proposition ensures that your ads receive maximum exposure without any upfront costs. You are only required to make payment when a customer reads your brochure or attends your event. We do not impose any minimum advertising fees, and our advertising packages can be customized on a daily basis. In essence, you only obliged to pay charge when you derive value from our services. To learn more about our advertising opportunities, kindly reach out to us via email [email protected] at your convenience.

Press Coverage at PetroSync

Registered journalists are granted complimentary access to all PetroSync conferences, exhibitions, and training courses free of charge. If you are interested in attending any of our events, kindly email us at [email protected] with the following information: the name of the event you wish to attend, your complete contact details, the name of your publication, and your job title. We look forward to receiving your email and facilitating your participation.

Marketing and association with PetroSync

PetroSync upholds the principles of mutual benefits and win-win scenarios. We are keen on establishing partnerships with associations, institutes, and marketing endorsement organizations to advance their interests in the industry.

With our portfolio, we will provide an effective platform for them to increase their membership acquisition campaigns and provide value to their existing members. For more information on our marketing and association opportunities, please email us here.

Speaker & Facilitator Opportunities
Interested in Speaking or Facilitate at a PetroSync Event?

Distinguished Speakers and facilitators are the cornerstone of all successful PetroSync events. Partnering PetroSync is a rewarding and fun experience with added bonus of allowing you to strength your reputation as an authority in the Oil & Gas industry.

Press Coverage at PetroSync

Registered journalists are entitled to attend all PetroSync conferences, exhibitions and training courses free of charge. If you like to attend our events with the name of the event you wish to attend, your full contact details, name of publication and job title, please email us here.

Marketing and association with PetroSync

You will also gain media publicity and industry recognition through our series of carefully planned media and marketing campaign. Imagine the fun and reward!

We believe in long term partnership and seek long term gains for everyone. If you have best practice case studies, proven methodology or new technologies that will excite everyone! We want to hear from you! Please email us here. We will come back to you shortly and take the new partnership further.