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Dr. Anthony Cole MiMMM, CEng, PhD

NACE Member MI&Corr Ltd., UK.


Dr. Anthony Cole, owner of MI&Corr, is a leading expert in Metallurgy, Corrosion and Engineering with over 25 years of experience. He spent approximately 15 years in Exploration and Production in countries as diverse as Libya, Oman and Bahrain and most recently spent more than 10 years at Shell International headquarters in The Netherlands and with Shell UK.

Dr. Cole was involved in the development of IP for Shell International and has successfully developed over 20 patents. One particular project he led resulted in the commercialization of TubeFuse, a patented autogenous system of joining tubulars, identifying potential savings of more than 120 million dollars in a single project alone. He represented The Netherland/Shell on ISO & API Technical Committees, notably ISO 11960 and API 5CT –Tubular Goods.

He did extensive technical reviews on Shell’s corrosion mitigation of offshore and subsea pipelines which resulted in significant improvements in its approach to corrosion management. He was also in charge of Shell’s training for Corrosion Engineers and Production Technologists Europe wide on downhole corrosion & materials selection knowledge.

Dr. Cole led Shell’s Corrosion Control in North & South Oman for four years before moving to Shell Headquarters in The Netherlands. He successfully led, reviewed and enhanced various corrosion control processes, pipeline inspection and maintenance operations for Petroleum Development Oman.

He is a Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (MiMMM), a member of NACE and has been a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.) for two decades.



- Represented Netherland/Shell on ISO & API Technic al Comm ittees
- Developed over 20 patents and commercialized of the TubeFuse patent
- Wrote the Corrosion and Materials Chapter for Shell’s International Internal Standard: “The Casing and Tubing Design Guide”
- Produced courses and trained Corrosion Engineers & Production Technologists, Europe wide