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Robert Trice

CEO and Founder of Hurricane Oil


Robert is the CEO and Founder of Hurricane Oil, a company with a proven track record of having successful fractured basement exploration strategy with two significant oil discoveries. Robert and his geoscience  team have found over 400 million barrels (2C) of oil in Fractured Basement Reservoirs  and have identified a further 400 million barrels as prospective resource (P50)

He has over 30 years of geosciences experience working reservoir characterization in fractured basement, carbonates, and clastics reservoirs. Robert is a geologist/petrophysicist by experience and has been involved in well planning, offshore operation, fracture analysis resource reporting for all of his companies fractured basement discoveries discoveries.

Dr Trice has held the position of Visiting Professor and examiner for The Technical University of Trondheim, Petroleum Engineering Department (Norway) and Industry fellow for the University of Leicester Geology department.


Robert has also been referenced in the two industry standard texts Geological Interpretation of Well logs (Rider 1996) and Geologic Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (R.Nelson 2001).

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