Oil And Gas Training Course With Petrosync

12-03-2019 | admin

Oil and Gas Training Course - Why Choose Petrosync?

Currently, the Oil and Gas Training Industry continues to grow as well as the employment growth for those working in the field. In its development, Petrosync remains consistent to provide quality training for you so that we can provide the best for your quality development. Other people who are looking for training may be able to consider the option to take part in our in-house training. Here are five reasons to practice with our in-house format.

1. The Course is Flexible with Ideal Quota

Scheduling and communication are important parts to ensure the class is properly loaded correctly. Each training will have a number of targets, we also consider professionals who are looking for further education units or individuals who want to practice laterally in the organization. Internal sessions give companies control over class sizes that allow them to create a more flexible training environment.

2. Compete with "Work" 

Some participants have almost the same statement, namely that the training is like going very fast and asking when I will have time to complete my "real" work? And at the end of day 5 most participants cannot remember what happened on the first day. We strive to give you the best and use the time as efficiently as possible so that the results are effective for the trainees. By reducing content that is not needed and the schedule is on time.

3. Participation and Discussion

In any training, the participation and discussion of each participant are one of the main factors that determine the success of a session. With an in-house course, you benefit from sharing joint case studies. We involve the participants to prepare their presentations or experiences at work. And participants can get to know each other and be able to learn from cases that occur in their experiences while working.

4. Delivering What Is Needed

Each module in the Petrosync course begins with defining the competencies to be discussed. In in-house courses, competencies become more focused. Competencies can often be trimmed and adjusted relatively quickly to cover the main material. For example, if you are a liquid pipe company, discuss ASME B31.8 (Gas Transmission) is not needed. This creates time in the training session

5. Customization and Savings

Each operator training session we provide will be adjusted, we identify the main processes at the facility and combine a series of modules into the training material and include a copy of the installation image, operating specifications, and any other information that the client wants us to enter each participant This process is quite fast and usually does not produce any adjustment costs. The key is to make adjustments cost effective and that is something we can all help to make it happen.

Oil and Gas Training with Quality Assurance

  • Limited Attendees The course has limited seats to ensure maximum learning and experience for all delegates. 
  • Certificate of Attendance You will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures of the Trainer upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is proof of your continuing professional development.
  • Interactive Training You will be attending training designed to share both the latest knowledge and practical experience through interactive sessions. This will provide you with a deeper and more long-term understanding of your current issues.
  • High-Quality Course Materials Printed course manual will provide you with working materials throughout the course and will be an invaluable source of reference for you and your colleagues afterward. You can follow course progress on your laptop with soft copies provided

If you are interested in any of these benefits and would like to learn more about our in-house format, please visit our informational page. Petrosync - Oil and Gas Training Course

Additionally, you can connect with our in-house team for a quote or request a course today!