Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service

M. Bassem Tolba

The seminar is a comprehensive course for the fired heater technology for refinery and petrochemical industries. The participants will acquire the knowledge and /or enhance their experience in the design, engineering, inspection, installation, operations, maintenances and troubleshooting.

The course is more for the practical side than the theoretical. The approach to the training will be to transmit the technology and knowledge of the fired heaters by going through the requirement of Fired Heaters Standard. As such, the Participants Learn Fired Heaters and its applications at the same time.


Day 1

  • Heater Types – By Configuration (Structural, tube coil and burners)
  • Heater components
  • Heater Type – By Process (Selection Criteria)
  • Case Study - Applications (Hot Oil, Crude, Vacuum, Delayed Coker, Visbreaker, Reformer, Hydrocrackers, Steam Reformers, Ethylene Cracking Heaters)

Day 2

  • Codes, Standards, Specifications and regulations
  • Minimum Data Required for the Design
  • Design Considerations
    • Process
    • Combustion
    • Mechanical
  • Conceptual Design
    • Radiant Section and Recommended Heat Flux
    • Convection Section
    • Coils, Tubes, Extended Surface, Tube Supports,
    • Refractory and Insulation
    • Stack
    • Burner Selection
  • Case Study – Thermal Design of Fired Heater. This will be covered by hand calculations so that the participants learn the effect of all the variables.

Day 3

  • Case Study – Calculation of Tube Wall Thickness, Insulation Thickness, Stack Dimensions
  • Auxiliary Equipment
    • Sootblowers
    • Airpreheaters
    • Fans and Drivers
  • Instruments and Auxiliary Connections
  • Shop Fabrication and Field Erection

Day 4

  • Case Study – Air preheater and Ducts design
  • Inspection, Examination and Testing
  • Optimization - Initial and operating costs (Increasing Heater Efficiency) & Schedule
  • Bid Evaluations
  • Case Study – Process Debottle Necking.
  • Enhance the experience of the participants in their prospective field/specialty while learn about the job of the other specialties involved in the project.
  • Minimize initial and operating costs while maintaining a high quality product with a minimum turn down.
  • Transmit the technology and knowledge of the fired heaters and the requirement of fired heaters
  • Cleary define the responsibility of each involved Party (Purchaser, Vendor, Contractor, etc).
  • The ultimate objective is to make the participant smart Buyer and better Operator.

This course is designed for:

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Design
  • Project Engineering & Management
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

Each attendee must bring a Scientific Calculator

M. Bassem Tolba

Fired Heater Expert - Tolba Management Consulting

Bassem Tolba is former President of a manufacture and consultant ABB Lumus Heat Transfer which is the worldwide leader in heat transfer equipment including API 560 fired heaters and TEMA exchangers. For over 40 years, he directly and supervise his former team in design, engineer and supply to the worldwide market over 5.000 heaters and over 25.000 exchangers to the Refining, Petrochemical & Chemical industries.

He also introduced to the market proprietary heaters and exchangers with superior performance that can only be supplied by his consultant. Bassem also provided solutions for the problems encountered by the clients.

Most probably, each refinery or Petrochemical plant in the world have one or more his former consultant’s fired heater.

He had worked and lived in five continents helped him to bridge the gap between many cultures, which is required for the globalization of the business.


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  • Start Date 02 Dec, 2024
  • End Date 05 Dec, 2024
  • Locations Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Cost USD 4500
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PST0404-202402 02 Dec, 2024 05 Dec, 2024 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia USD 4500 M. Bassem Tolba Register
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