ISO 55000 - Asset Management International Standard

Ahmed D., PHD, CMRP, CRE, PE.

Asset management has historically been viewed from a financial perspective only. Industrial professionals from both the operations and maintenance disciplines have developed the new asset management international standard (ISO 55000) to better reflect the broader sense of asset management which includes human assets, physical assets, and other non-tangible assets that together form the organization and have not been formally utilized to their potential and or optimized to deliver the highest yield at the lowest possible cost to the organization.

This workshop is an introductory workshop to the new international standard ISO 55000, 1, 2 which is aimed at bringing awareness of the standard, its elements, implementation, and benefits within the organization. The workshop also covers the integration between asset integrity management (AIMS) elements and the strategic asset management plan (SAMP) as defined in ISO 55000.



  • Introduction
  • Definition of assets, asset management, and asset management systems (ISO 55000:2014)
  • Tools used in asset management and the relation with asset integrity management
    • RCM
    • RBI
    • CMS
    • MoC
    • Culture change
    • RCA
    • CSMMS
    • IPF
    • Action
  • Understanding the Strategic asset management plan (SAMP)
  • Case Study - Understanding your assets and asset portfolio and determining the risk associated with the operation


  • Understanding the use of asset management and asset integrity management tools
    • Criticality and Risk
    • Risks Associated with Production
    • The risk associated with maintenance or lack thereof
    • Risks associated with health safety and the environment
    • Developing a risk matrix (Probability, Consequence, and Detectability)
  • Developing a successful strategic asset management plan based on identified risks and needs of individual
    • Identifying business goals and aligning activities
    • Lifecycle cost
    • Maintenance Strategy tools
    • Balancing activities, needs, and cost
    • Operation demand and maintenance requirements – finding the balance
    • People skills and skill management programs
  • Case Study - Develop a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) to manage your asset portfolio risk


  • Successful implementation of strategic asset management plans
    • Task Development
    • Detailed task writing
    • Developing your CMMS system
    • Inspection programs and operator-driven reliability
  • Pitfalls that should be avoided
    • Overdoing it with tasks
    • KPIs that make sense
    • Balanced score cards
    • Updating studies and continuous improvement
  • Final notes on techniques and technologies
    • Tools and techniques to simplify inspection
    • Tools and techniques to build a visual inspection program
    • Skills matrices and successful implementation and integration
  • Case study - Implementing your SAMP successfully and following up on your implementation

What is ISO 55000 training course objective?

This course will objectives as follows:

  • Attendees will learn how to develop and implement a strategic asset management plan successfully
  • Understand the tools involved in industrial asset management
  • Develop the necessary skills to successfully analyze and determine specific asset requirements in light of business goals
  • Understand and learn about the international standard ISO 55000:2014 and its practical implementation
  • Integrating Asset Integrity Management tools (RCM, RBI, CMS, MoC, Culture change, RCA, CSMMS, IPF, Action tracking, and KPIs) into the SAMP

Who should join ISO 55000 training course by PetroSync?

This course is specially designed for the following disciplines:

  • Maintenance and Operations Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Maintenance Planning Managers
  • Asset Management Professionals

Each attendee must bring a Laptop Computer with Microsoft Operating System and Scientific Calculator

Ahmed D., PHD, CMRP, CRE, PE.

Asset Managemenet Expert

Ahmed is the CEO and President of Operational Excellence Experts Consultant and Training with 20 years experiences in asset management, technical asset integrity management, asset management, maintenance and reliability. Ahmed is a Member on several committees of the ISO 55000 standard development. He is Founder and Chairman of the board of the Egyptian Society for Asset Management Professionals. Ahmed Developed Reliability Departments and consulting divisions for GE (Bentley Nevada), Meridium, SKF in Middle East and Africa as well as several customer companies

Position and Credentials:

  • Certified through the Institute of Asset Management (UK) as organization preparation facilitator / service provider respectively for the ISO 55000 (Asset Management) and ISO 31000 (Risk Management) standards.
  • Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)
  • Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE)
  • Certified vibration analyst level 1 (BINDT)
  • Certified ultrasonic testing specialist (BINDT)
  • Certified Oil Analyst 3 and lubrication program developer (NOREA)
  • Certified Instructor (OSHA (Several areas))
  • Certified Investigator (Taproot)
  • Certified Fire Investigator (OSHA)
  • Certified Thermographic Imaging analyst 3 (FLIR)
  • Certified RCM Facilitator (SKF / Aladon)
  • Certified RBI Specialist and Inspection program developer (API) (API 580, 581, 570, 510)
  • Certified Facilitator (GE)
  • Certified Presenter and Public Speaker (GE)

  • Code PST0405-202401
  • Start Date 07 Oct, 2024
  • End Date 09 Oct, 2024
  • Locations Bandung, Indonesia
  • Cost USD 2995
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  • Code PST0405-202301
  • Start Date 03 Jul, 2023
  • End Date 05 Jul, 2023
  • Locations Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Cost USD 2995
  • Code PST0405-202302
  • Start Date 13 Dec, 2023
  • End Date 15 Dec, 2023
  • Locations Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Cost USD 2995
Code Start Date End Date Locations Cost Instructor Register
PST0405-202401 07 Oct, 2024 09 Oct, 2024 Bandung, Indonesia USD 2995 Ahmed D., PHD, CMRP, CRE, PE. Register
PST0405-202301 03 Jul, 2023 05 Jul, 2023 Jakarta, Indonesia USD 2995 Ahmed D., PHD, CMRP, CRE, PE.
PST0405-202302 13 Dec, 2023 15 Dec, 2023 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia USD 2995 Ahmed D., PHD, CMRP, CRE, PE.
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