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Dr. Anthony (Tony) Kirkham

Director and Consultant Geologist,Sedimentology and Reservoir Development Ltd


Tony Kirkham has 40 years of experience in the industry as an employee of major oil companies and
as a consultant. He mostly worked within reservoir engineering teams in international development projects and had long term assignments in Norway, Egypt, Turkey and Abu Dhabi. He was employed for 20 years by BP Exploration prior to working as Geology Specialist for Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Operations (ADCO). He then became Senior Consultant for Landmark in Abu Dhabi, followed by Managing Director of Reservoir Characterization, Research and Consulting (RC)2 in London with responsibility for Europe, Middle East and Africa. During 2001, Tony joined Technoguide (Petrel) as Manager of Consulting Services prior to several years as a Principal Geologist with Schlumberger. Recently he has operated as Director and Consultant for his own company.

He received his BSc from Aberystwyth University 1970; his MSc from Imperial College London 1972; and his PhD on carbonates from Bristol University 1977. Carbonate sedimentology, reservoir characterization and 3D modeling are his particular interests. Tony designed and led six-day eld-based carbonate training courses on the classical modern arid coastline carbonates and evaporites of Abu Dhabi for worldwide sta of BP and BP Aliates and has led numerous carbonate eld trips repeatedly for other major oil companies including, ADCO, PDO, Occidental and Statoil, as well as for organizations such as the AAPG and SPE. He has also taught numerous class-based courses on 3D modeling and geostatistics, Petroleum Geology and other subjects for ADCO, Landmark, (RC)2 and Schlumberger.

DR KIRKHAM’S Selected Publications:
Kirkham,A., 2003. Glauconitic Spherules from the Carboniferous-Triassic Unconformity of SouthWest England: Probable Microtektite Pseudomorphs. Proceedings of the Geological Association, London. V.114, 11-21.

Kirkham,A., Juma,,M.B., McKean,T.A.M, Palmer,A.F., Smith,M.J. and Thomas,A.H., 1996. Fluid Saturation Predictions in a "Transition Zone" Carbonate Reservoir, Abu Dhabi. GeoArabia. V.1, 551-566.

Kirkham,A., 1998. Pleistocene Carbonate Seif Dunes and their Role in the Development of Complex Past and Present Coastlines of the U.A.E. GeoArabia. V.3, 19-32.


DR KIRKHAM’S Selected Qualifications and Affiliations:
• Former Secretary of the Society for Explorationists in the Emirates (1994-1997)
• Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
• Fellow of the Geological Society of London
• Member of the Society for Economical Palaeontologists and Mineralogists (SEPM)
• Member of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)


Summary of his professional achievement:

He received his BSc. from Aberystwyth University in 1970. MSc from Imperial College, London in 1972 and PhD from Bristol University in 1977. Sedimentology, reservoir characterization and 3-D
reservoir modeling are his particular areas of interest. Tony is a member of the Editorial  Advisory Board of Geo Arabia.