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Ryen Caenn

Drilling and Workover Consultant


RYEN has 47 years of experience in the drilling and completion fluids industry, beginning his career as a mud engineer at Baroid Drilling Fluids. He has been a member of the API drilling fluids standards committee since 1974. Specializing in drilling and completion uid technology transfer, Caenn is principal of TekRite Communications, which has consulted oil companies, fluid service companies and chemical manufacturers in the U.S. and international drilling and production chemicals industries since 1981. He is also founder of a wikibase website that provides the uids industry with a repository and database to facilitate technology transfer, including new product development and applications.

He also regularly teaches schools and courses on drilling and completion fluids. He holds a B.A. in chemistry from Oklahoma State. Ryen specialize in technology transfer for all aspect of drilling and completion fluids technologies. He also was the founder and publisher of the internationally acclaimed Drilling and Completion Fluids Magazine. Over 40 years experience in drilling and completion fluids technology including new product development and application, marketing, fluid HE&E and advanced laboratory techniques. He conducted scheduled training every quarter in Houston, with lab sessions, and scheduled schools in Houston, Calgary and London. Also, presents in-house training for clients. Previous schools have been held in Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.


- A member of the API drilling fluids standards committee

- Holds a B.A. in chemistry from Oklahoma State