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Dr. William Jamison

Structural Geologist Consultant


- Specialized Structural Geologist & Consultant with over 35 years of industry research, exploration, and development experience
- Conducted numerous outcrop structural studies, evaluating the general structural styles in new exploration areas and assessment of fractured characteristics of existing or potential reservoir units in Western Canada, United States, Latin America, Middle East, and Indonesia
- Developed and extensively applied procedures for quantitative assessment of fracture
development using core and image log measurements in sandstrones, carbonates, and shales
- He has authored numerous technical articles in AAPG Bulletin, GSA BUlletin, Journal of Structural Geology, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology, Tectonophysics, Journal of Geophysical Research and other journals


William Jamison is a consulting structural geologist to the petroleum industry, His company, Upper Crust Inc., is based in Calgary, Canada. Through the past eighteen years William has provided structural geology services to over 25 companies. His projects range in scale from detailed fracture analyses to regional tectonic syntheses. Studies conducted by The Upper Crust Inc. have addressed regions throughout the western Canadian Cordillera (from southern Alberta to the Mackenzie Delta) and in several locations within Eastern Canada, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Vietnam, & China. William has acted as the operations geologist for several horizontal wells drilled in Foothills structures in western Alberta, and has been directly involved in seismic interpretation and exploration play development in several projects in the Foothills and elsewhere. He has conducted numerous outcrop structural studies, evaluating the general structural styles in new exploration areas and assessing the detailed fracture characteristics of existing or potential reservoir units. A major aspect of his consulting work has been the construction of dipmeter-based structural interpretations and fracture evaluations based on image log data. As part of this work he has developed new, quantitative procedures in both areas. Through the last few years Wiliam has evaluated fracture development in shales and tight sandstones in both structured and unstructured areas in support of unconventional gas plays, and he is currently investigating the geomechanics of the hydraulic fracture-natural fracture interaction.


- Shell Canada
- Cenovus Energy
- Husky Energy
- EOG Resources
- HEF Petrophysical Consulting
- ConocoPhillips
- Suncor Energy
- Talisman Energy
- Transglobe Energy
- Devon Energy
- TAQA North