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Peter Bantick

Director & Consultant


Peter Bantick is a recognized consultant with over 44 years of experience in marine operations, specifically in process safety and HSE. He has spent majority of his career with BP shipping, having served various positions in safety management. Peter was with BP for 37 years before running his own consultancy firm, PSB Marine Consulting, which currently provides consulting and training solutions to various companies. With his extensive experience in HSE safety system in marine operations, he has helped developed and launched safety systems for difference companies.

With his extensive experience of safety system in marine operations, he has helped developed and launched safety systems for difference companies. His recent projects as a consultant include the following:

• BP Exploration (Azerbaijan Marine & Subsea)

Developed HSE procedures, promoted HSE awareness, developed & provided internal training, and conducted subcontractor audits and reviewed their HSE documentation. Lead and coordinated HAZID,
HAZOP and Risk Reviews

• Albwardy Marine Engineering LLC (Dubai)

Developed a new Company HSE Management system to OHSAS 18001 format

• MODEC International LLC (Houston and Singapore)

Prepared HSE Management System for FPSO Conversion Project. Conducted subcontractor auditing, shipyard HSE bid evaluation, HSE Officer Selection, and Training Program Development.

Aside from the above experience, Peter’s time with BP proved to be of great ground for his extensive knowledge in marine safety operations. Peter started as a Safety Engineer who coordinated a company-wide program of Technical Total Loss Control Audits. After which he was the BP Shipping Safety Superintendent for Fleet Operations. During this time, he directed a project to deliver Total Loss Control philosophy to the HSE Management reporting the oil and gas fleet. From that program, a historical record of the company’s serious accidents was collated as a learning tool. Peter’s career with BP has also designated him to several international projects in Turkey, Korea, China, and Japan. He has worked intensely with HSE Vessel teams in developing safety management systems and safety improvement according to BP Group Standards


During his time with BP, he has achieved and contributed to the improvement of the safety protocols in BP
• Modernized the BP Shipping Incident Investigation System to require all incidents to be reported and
investigated to Basic Cause level with Corrective Action Plans detailing responsibilities and time scales
• Directed the project to deliver a Total Loss Control philosophy to the Management of BP Shipping oil
and gas tanker fleet, resulting in the reporting of high levels of Property Damage and Near Miss Incidents
• Coordinated a program of Technical Total Loss Control Audits for BP Oil UK at refineries, lubricating oil
manufacturing sites, oil terminals, oil depots and retail sites.
"Able to interact with industry expert and share experiences and best practice" - Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd
"Extremely knowledgable and experienced instructor" - Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (ASRY) Bahrain "What I have learnt will help us with implimention of systems in our facility" - Great Offshore Ship Repairs (India, Malaysia and UAE)