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Robert Pasionek

Founder & President


Robert A. Pasionek, JD & MBA, is a strategic growth and capital markets executive and attorney based in Mesa, Arizona. His focus is on creative and novel financial structures involving securities registration and exemption from registration for alternative energy, technology, and healthcare transactions in accordance with the Securities Exchange Commission and promulgated in the ’33, ’34 and ’40 Acts.

Pasionek has orchestrated 225 debt and equity private placements, 35 public offerings (i.e. debt, equity and mortgage securitizations), 51 mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, 25 venture capital and private equity transactions, 12 healthcare transactions, and 12 turnarounds.

Pasionek is nationally recognized for creating a novel form of security; that being a “mortgage servicing right” (MSR’s). Pasionek filed the first public debt instrument in the United States collateralized with “mortgage servicing rights” and educated and convinced the SEC that a “mortgage service right” was a legitimate form of collateral. During the last six years, Pasionek has focused almost exclusively on raising capital (equity, debt, and mezzanine) both domestically and internationally for the alternative energy, technology, and healthcare sectors.

Pasionek has acquired and merged Broker-Dealers and engaged BD’s to market and to distribute his clients’ securities. Pasionek has unique and distinguishable work experience in investment, commercial, and private banking, has tenure with two major Wall Street firms, and has led the capital markets and securities practice group for the oldest and second largest law firm in the State of Arizona. In addition, Pasionek has led numerous “road shows” for public and private companies in their pursuit of capital and investors. Pasionek has represented and assisted 168 domestic and international family offices with their investments, financial issues, mergers and acquisitions activities, and legal and tax matters. In addition, Pasionek has taught estate and tax planning and business succession planning for a major insurance company.


Throughout his career, Pasionek has been very successful working with government regulators at both the federal and state level regarding creative and novel financing structures for capital raising endeavors and securities fraud cases, including the FBI, SEC, NASD, State Attorney Generals, & State Corporate and Securities Commissioners. Pasionek has testified before grand juries in securities fraud cases, and represented parties in several securities fraud cases in Michigan, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.

Pasionek’s formal education consists of JD, MBA, and BA degrees. In addition, Pasionek currently or has previously held the following licenses: Series 7, 22, 39, and 66; life and health insurance; Michigan Real Estate Broker; and law.