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Gerhard Diephuis

International Geophysical Consultant, EPTS


Gerhard Diephuis (1947) studied Geology and Geophysics at the State University of Leiden. The Netherlands. After his military service he joined Shell International in 1977 and was posted soon thereafter to Sarawak Shell in Malaysia, as seismic interpreter. In 1982 he was seconded to Woodside Petroleum, where he jointly interpreted the Rankin 3D survey. In 1984 he moved to Shell Expro in London, where he first worked as senior geophysicist in the Central North Sea Team and later led the Business Opportunity Team. In 1987 he was posted to Oman where he became Discipline Head Production Seismology. In that function he was the main instigator of the Natih 3D3C Experimental Survey, an industry first. In 1991 he left for the NAM in The Netherlands, in charge of a section specialised in applying novel techniques in Quantitative Interpretation. Since 1997 Diephuis is independent consultant engaged in a large number of very varied assignments in combination with educational activities both for industry and university. From 1997 to 2004 Diephuis was first Associate Editor and later Editor in Chief of Geophysical Prospecting.


Practical & Consulting
Over 40 years of work experience in the O&G industry, primarily with Shell International for 20 years (1977-1997), and has consulted for a number of multinational companies including UNOCAL, CONOCO, TAQA Petroleum, BG Group, Saudi Aramo, etc.
Experienced lecturer who has conducted industry courses for in-house training and conferences. Gerhard was the course module for developer Shell internal training from 1999 to 2002.
Has worked and consulted for previously for companies in Malaysia and Indonesia.