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Chris Clayton

Independent Geochemistry Consultant


Chris was born in the UK more years ago than he cares to remember. Following a first degree in Geology at Imperial College, University of London he completed a PhD in silica diagenesis and chert formation jointly at King’s College London and the Institute of Geological Sciences Isotope Geology Unit.

He joined the BP Research Centre in 1982 where he somehow became and organic geochemist. During this time he researched among other things, isotopic behaviour in the petroleum system, kerogen formation processes, biogenic gas generation and controls of petroleum seepage.

Chris left BP at the end of 1992 and has since worked as an independent consultant in geochemistry and basin modelling to the petroleum, minerals and groundwater industries. He now lives in the middle of nowhere in the heart of the English countryside near Worcester.

Since 1992 until present, he is an independent Geochemistry Consultant for his own compan, which is an international business, based in UK with projects underway in West Africa, North Sea, USA, south east Asia, Middle East and Tunisia. Principally working in petroleum exploration/production with subsidiary groundwater chemistry and mineral exploration projects. Most work is centred around solving specific advanced exploration/field development problems and/or collaborative research with client. Also present technical training courses in house and general for industry, e.g. Norsk Hydro, Indonesian Petroleum Association, AAPG.

Clients Include:
- Norsk Hydro - Migration studies, gas sourcing, field compartmentalisation studies
- Nexen Inc. – Buzzard Field reservoir fluid study
- PanAfrican Energy – Phase prediction, onshore Gabon
- BHP – Gas exploration, Gulf of Mexico
- BP Exploration, Angola, Houston and Thailand – Hydrocarbons & inorganic gases
- JNOC – Bacterial gas exploration
- Shell – Bacterial gas exploration
- Hunt Oil – Shallow coring studies
- Gaz de France – Inorganic gas sources
- Maghreb Minerals Ltd. – Pb/Zn mineral exploration, Tunisia


Professional Achievements:
- Scientific Committee for 20th Int. Mtg. on Organic Geochemistry, Nancy, France 2001
- AAPG Distinguished Instructor 1999
- Distinguished Lecturer, Indonesian Petroleum Association Annual Meeting 1998
- Keynote Speaker, American Chemical Society Org. Geochem. Group Annual Meeting 1998
- Scientific Committee for 18th Int. Mtg. on Organic Geochemistry, Maastrict, Netherlands 1997
- AAPG Best International Paper 1993


Selected Recent Publications:
o Gürgey, K., Philp, P., Clayton, C., Emiroglu, H. & Siyako, M. (In Press) Geochemical and isotopic approach to maturity/source/mixing estimations for
natural gas and associated condensates in the Thrace Basin, NW Turkey. Appl. Geochem.
o Jennings, J.S., Baird, A.W. & Clayton, C.J. (Submitted) Mesozoic and Tertiary basin systems and their deformation in the foreland of the Tunisian
Atlas. Amer. Assoc. Petrol. Geol. Bull.
o Wilhelms, A., Clayton, C.J., Telnës, N. & Hall, K. (Submitted) An isotopic test of Mango's proposed transition metal catalysis scheme of light
hydrocarbon generation. Organic Geochemistry.
o Clayton, C.J. (2004) Petroleum (Chemical and Physical Properties) In. Encyclopaedia of Geology, (Eds. Selley, R.C., Cocks, R & Pilmer, E.) Elsevier.
o Clayton, C.J. (2003) Gases in sediments. In Encyclopaedia of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks. (Ed. Middleton, G.V.). Klewer Academic publishers.