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Stan E. Alford

Drilling Fluid and Solids Management Consultant


Stan has over 48 years involved in drilling fluids , drilling fluid technology, solids control management, well control, fluid, fluid design for deepwater, water base shale inhibition, and non-aqueous fluid application. He worked as a senior technical advisor involved with trouble-shooting field problems and introduction of technical innovation for practical field application. Stan was a chairman for 2 very successful ACS Continuing Education Courses in Houston: “Advances in Surface and Colloid Chemistry” and Advances in Analytical Measurement,” both held at Rice University. (1977-78). He is the first choice when it comes to drilling fluids technology training because he has many years of practical experience; working with serveral multinational company for nearly 25 years; along with 15 years of professional reseacher chemist in Texaco and Magcobar.


Training Experiences :

  • Provided training and technical support to numerous clients including Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Statoil, BP, GSPC, Chevron, Maersk Oil and Gas, PEMEX, British Gas etc.

  • Pesented specialized seminars to clients on practical hole cleaning, gas solubility of oil base drilling fluids, preventing lost circulation, inhibition of water base drilling fluids, effective/efficient solids management, designing fluids for deepwater application, as well as presentations to introduce new technology (SIGMADRIL, SILDRIL, ULTRADRIL, WARP, DRILPLEX).

Practical Experiences :

  • Designed and built a lubricity evaluation monitor (1975-1976) to evaluate lubricity performance in drilling fluids.

  • Developed two commercially successful state-of-the art mud lubricants, Magcolube and Bit Lube II.

  • Introduced various inhibitive water base systems to Conoco field operations such as Lime MorRex, PHPA/KCl, glycol, and silicate inhibitive water base fluids.

  • Involved in research and development silicates as a high performance inhibitive fluid (Conoco/DuPont commercial product, WBS-200)

  • Responsible for the successful introduction and field application of silicate technology for M-I Swaco (SILDRIL); over 300 wells were drilled successfully from 1994-2001 (UK, Norway, Pakistan, Australia, India, Middle East, Israel, Vietnam, South Africa, Tunisia, Austria, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, etc.)