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DR. Donald Lewis Hall

President of Fluid Inclusion Technologies inc


Don is a seasoned professional has over 30 years of experience in the research field and oil and gas industry. He is currently the President of Fluid Inclusion Technologies Inc (FIT), which is a petroleum industry service company that specialized in laboratory analysis of trapped fluids in rock material, and advanced borehole gas analysis on drilling wells. The ultimate goal of these services is to enable clients to address petroleum systems and reservoir characterization problems.

Don has been responsible for helping define and implement the technical direction of FIT, and continues to be involved in the development and application of novel geochemical and petrologictechnologies for  the energy industry. In FIT, he continues to develop and promote focused research and rock/fluid-based analytical programs to help address hydrocarbon exploration and production problems.

Don’s major research focuses on application of organic and inorganic geochemical data to petroleum exploration and exploitation problems and diagenetic studies. Of particular interest are techniques involving the use of fluid inclusions to aid in understanding petroleum systems. Hi other research centers on improving wellsite analysis of pore fluids and use of hydrothermal experimental techniques to constrain basin and reservoir processes. His teaching interests include general topics in petroleum geology, fluids in crustal processes, diagenesis, organic geochemistry, hydrothermal experimental techniques, fluid inclusion research, ore deposits/resources geology, reflected and transmitted light microscopy and metamorphic petrology.

Don received B.S. (1982) and M.S. (1985) degrees in geology from the University of California at Riverside, and a Ph.D. (1989) in geology from Virginia Tech. Before FIT, he was with Amoco Production Research in 1990 as a research scientist and worked on development and implementation of novel fluid inclusion instrumentation and techniques.


Awards and Recognitions :

  • SEPM Excellence of Poster Presentation Award (1995)
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research Grant (1988-1989)
  • Cunningham Fellowship, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (1988-1989)
  • Academic Achievement Award, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1986-1987)
  • Finnigan Scholarship, Mineralogical Society of America (1986)
  • Roland Blanchard Fellowship, University of California, Riverside (1983-1984)

Selected Publications :

  • Hall, D.L., Sterner, S.M. and Shukla, R. (2013) Combining advanced mud-gas and rock-fluid analysis to aid exploration and development in unconventional plays. Shale Shaker, May-June, 400-409.
  • Hall, D.L., Sterner, S.M. and Shukla, R. (2013) Application of cuttings gas/oil analysis, rapid XRF and high-resolution photography to reservoir evaluation. World Oil, April, 163-168.
  • Hall, D.L., Shentwu, W., Sterner, S.M., and Wagner, P.D., (1997) Using fluid inclusions to explore for oil and gas: Hart’s Petroleum Engineer International, 29-34.
  • Parnell, J., Middleton, D. Honghan, C. and Hall, D., (2001) The use of integrated fluid inclusion studies in constraining oil charge history and reservoir compartmentation: examples from the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland. Marine and petroleum Geology, 18, 535-549.