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Dr. Jonathan Redfern

Consultant and Professor of Petroleum Geoscience at University of Manchester


Over 30 years experience within the oil industry and academia as a specialist in petroleum systems, basin analysis and play and risk definition. He has global experience, undertaking projects in Africa, SE Asia and Australasian. He started his career as an exploration geologist with Fina and Amerada Hess, and for 12 years he worked in the UK, SE Asia and North Africa. Before joining academia and becoming a consultant he was Chief Geologist for Hess in Indonesia.

Jonathan, at present, has been actively consulting for a number of companies, assisting in regional studies/block evaluations, delivering training courses and leading field courses. Clients for training and consultants projects include: Cairn, OMV, Wintersall, Hess, San Leon, Serica, Woodside, EOG.

Over the years of his experience, Jonathan has gain expertise in SE Asia as well.  Prior to joining academia, he has worked for 12 years in exploration / new ventures for international oil companies in the UK, S.E Asia and North Africa, culminating as Chief Geologists for Hess in Indonesia.  He has an internationally recognized broad geological knowledge of international / regional exploration, new ventures, petroleum system / play fairway analysis, lead and prospect generation and resource /risk evaluation. During this time Jonathan has gained further knowledge of SE Asian basins, working in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Pakistan. He was directly responsible for data gathering, farm-out/ data room evaluations, regional sedimentological and basin analysis studies, resource and risk analysis, building relations and initial acreage negotiations. Jonathan was appointed Chief Geologist for Hess Indonesia in 1996, part of a small team that led the Hess entry to Indonesia, tasked to initiate acreage acquisition, exploration evaluations and well planning. 

After Hess, Jonathan was with Fina Exploration (PetroFina), and was nvolved in regional new venture appraisals /evaluations, prospect analysis and resource and risk assessment. He has further gained experience in the  following basins:  SE Asia (Malaysia – Malay Basin, offshore Sarawak), Vietnam (Con Son basin offshore east Vietnam), Thailand Malay Basin and onshore), Indonesia (SE Sarawak, Java), Offshore Java.



Training Experience Description

As Head of Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering at the University of Manchester, he leads the internationally recognized Petroleum Geoscience Master course and a large research team. Jonathan  has also been actively involved in training for a number of companies in Basin Analysis, Petroleum Systems and resource and risk analysis.

 Notable Positions in Organizations (SPE/AAPG/IACCM)

Jonathan is a Fellow of the Geological Society (FGS), a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (AAPG) and also the PESGB, IAS, and EAGE. He is on the editorial board of the AAPG Bulletin and the Journal of Petroleum Geology.