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Rick Aldred

Research and Consultant Petrophysicist


Rick has over 35 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, particularly specialized in Petrophysics application to exploration. He was previously with Paradigm, Baker Atlas, Schlumbeger, BHP Petroleum, Marathon Oil and Geosource UK. Rick has work with various IOCs and NOCS when he was workings with Paradigm, Baker Hughes, and Schlumberger. At present, he still continues to provide his expertise for research and consulting petrophysical services. Rick worked as Region Geoscience Manager, Senior Petrophysicists, and Research Petrophysicists for these companies. He has research and developed 3D petrophyscial modeling techniques for solving complex reservoir problems. He has also developed software solutions and tailor made workflows, principally for customers working with Geolog software.

Alongside with his consulting services, Rick has also provided training in basic and advanced petrophysical techniques. During his time with Paradigm, he has developed training courses for both Paradigm staff and customers in the subjects of petrophysical uncertainty quantification, saturation height modelling, formation pressure gradient analysis, laminated shaly sand analysis, deterministic petrophysical analysis and integration of petrophysical results with reservoir models. Rick’s programs has achieved high standards and acceptance of these courses, with repeated requests for trainings for their clients.

From 1999-2000, Rick was based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  for his consulting services specialising in petrophysical data reviews for existing field developments and new acreage acquisitions. Worked on two large projects for Hess, Malaysia, which were evaluations of data from new acreage acquisitions in the Malay Basin. These involved the development of complex lithology models using optimising interpretation techniques and estimates of hydrocarbon in place using saturation-height functions. He has also worked for Esso Production Malaysia Inc (Exxon) for some consulting services.


Publications :

Rick Aldred, “Petrophysical Processing Techniques for Thin Beds”, presented at the monthly meeting of FESAus (the SPWLA chapter in Australia) in Perth, Australia, November 2014 (this presentation also introduced a one day ‘Masterclass’ on the subject of thin beds.

Rick Aldred, “Petrophysical Interpretation of Thin Beds”, presented at the second monthly meeting of the SPWLA local chapter in Bangkok, Thailand, October 2014.

Rick Aldred, “The Importance of Petrophysical Uncertainty Quantification in Resource Estimates”, presented at the Canadian Well Logging Society, monthly meeting, Calgary, Canada, June 2013.

Rick Aldred, “The Impact of Petrophysical Parameter Dependencies on Resource Estimates”, presented at the SPWLA Topical Conference on Petrophysical Uncertainty, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., March 2013 (received best presentation award).

Rick Aldred, “Monte Carlo Processing in Petrophysics, Different Techniques, Different Results”, presented at the 2011 SPWLA Fall Topical Conference, Asheville, NC, U.S.A., Sept 2011 (voted one of the three outstanding papers at the conference).