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Jacqueline Geddes-Smith

Production Assurance Manager – Scotland XODUS GROUP


Jacqueline has 15 years of experience handling flow assurance for the oil and gas industry. She is currenty the Production Assurance Manager for Scotland and a Senior Flow Assurance Consultant engineer at Xodus, with a wide experience as a design engineer, study lead and project manager for flow assurance projects. She has have had experience with management and co-ordination of Flow Assurance, Production Chemistry and Computational Fluid Dynamic capabilities within Scotland. Jacqueline has been equipped with experience for all key project stages from early concept through to operational support and has extensive experience in the integration of Flow Assurance within the wider context of project scope, and of assisting discussions with the aim of providing increased value over traditional Flow Assurance offerings.

Selected Client List :
In her current post, she has provided and led flow assurance operations for various clients including Chiyoda, GDF Suez, BP, Marathon Oil, Faroe Energy, Maersk Oil, Talisman Energy, and Shell.