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Dr. Paul Farrimond

Director & Geochemical Consultancy Manager


Practical & Consulting :

Dr. Farrimond has a particular expertise in the molecular composition of oils and their source rocks, and especially in biomarker geochemistry. Prior to joining IGI, Dr. Farrimond was a lecturer then Senior Lecturer in Geochemistry. In the last 11 years, he has conducted specialist molecular geochemistry consultancy projects for a large number of oil companies focused on petroleum systems all around the world.

Training Experience :

Dr. Farrimond was a University Lecturer/Senior Lecturer for 17 years from 1988, giving courses mainly in petroleum geochemistry. At IGI, he has developed and presented petroleum geochemistry training courses both on a multi-client basis and for a large number of individual oil companies, specializing in molecular geochemistry and especially biomarkers.