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Petroleum Exploration Consultant, Praxxis Ltd


Dr Fivos Spathopoulos worked as an exploration geologist in petroleum exploration projects for more than 20 years for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. From 1990 to 2006 he worked as a geologist and basin analyst in HESS Ltd and other oil companies, where he was involved in determining the petroleum systems of various basins in the world and in looking for new petroleum plays, where he has worked in the following geological areas:

  • South and Middle Caspian Sea
  • North Sea Exploration
  • West Africa, South Atlantic Basins
  • NW African Continental Margin
  • Caspian Sea and Eastern Mediterranean

He has compiled a large study of the source rocks of the world, including a method to predict source rock deposition and quality in every basin and at every geological interval. He is also an expert in maturity modeling, using the PetroMod software, as well as in organic geochemistry, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology and formation pressure analysis.

During his career time at the Imperial College London, he lectures on “Geology of Petroleum Source Rocks”, “Petroleum Systems Analysis”, “Formation Pressure Analysis” and “Unconventional Petroleum” and also participates in several University-Industry projects related to shale characterization as shale-gas/shale-oil targets.


Dr Fivos’s membership and aliations include the following:

  • Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, Member (1997 - Present)
  • Geological Society of London, Member (2006 - Present)
  • UNFC Group (United Nations Fossil Fuel and Mineral Classication), Panel Member (2006 - Present)

Dr Fivos graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Geology from the University of Athens, a Master's degree in "Marine Geology & Geophysics" from the University of London and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of London.


Some of the shale-gas projects that Dr Fivos Spathopoulos have been involved in:

- Evaluation of the Molasse & PermoCarboniferous basins in southern Germany and northern   Switzerland

- Evaluation of shale-gas prospectivity in southern France basins(Schistes Carton & Terres Noires

- Evaluation of shale-gas & shale-oil prospectivity of Britain(Liassic, Oxford Clay & Bowland)

- Evaluation of shale-gas prospectivity of Denmark, Austria and Bulgaria