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Prof. Dr. Ahmed Taha Amin

President, Godomex


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Taha Amin is an expert in formation evaluation, core analysis and reservoir modeling. He has broad experience working with assets and providing properties for reservoir characterisation and strong experience with carbonate petrophysics over 15-years experience.

He has extensive experience over 45 years in industry, principally in log analysis and Formation Evaluation in various technical and managerial positions for Gupco (Cairo, Egypt), Adco and Adnoc (Abu Dhabi, UAE), QGPC (Doha, Qatar), Apache (Cairo, Egypt), RPS Energy (in UK) and CEPSA in Egypt. 

He is an instructor for Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Petrophysics, Core-Log Integration, Image Interpretation, IP software Application and LQC for Data Management training courses. He was supervised the Petrophysical studies and Wire-Line operations for Apache Egypt operated by: APACHE, QARUN and KHALDA Companies for 10 years. He did Petrophysical Evaluation projects in a few countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Madrid, South Africa and East Asia.


Sample Major Project List 

  • The Reservoir Description Studies (RDS) for several reservoirs in several fields in Abu Dhabi using ADNOC – Schlumberger Multi Well Data Base (MWDB).
  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Project for several carbonate reservoirs in Kuwait with (KOC) from Dubai with Halliburton. 
  • Apache Oil company, Established the Data Base for all fields of Egyptian Khalda and Qarun companies in Houston. 
  • RPS Energy company, Petrophysical Evaluation of 4 Gas wells for Sasol company in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
  • Apache Oil Company, Reservoir Petrophysical Modeling for Ras Qattara Gas reservoir of the Western Desert in Egypt.
  • Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling for the Arab-D Oil Carbonate reservoir’ in the Arab Gulf Area. 

Partial Client List

  • ARAMCO (Cairo) 
  • Petronas (Sudan)
  • ADCO (UEA)
  • Cairan Energy
  • Cepsa (Madrid)
  • Hess & Nalpetco (Cairo)
  • Sasol (Cairo)
  • Ganoub (Cairo)
  • EGAS (Cairo)
  • OXI (Oman)
  • Repsol (Madrid)
  • Al Furat Petroleum Co. (Syria)
  • Sudapet (Sudan)
  • CCED (Oman)
  • PetroGulf (Cairo) 
  • PDVSA (Venezuela)   
  • KPC & KOC (Kuwait)
  • Cuu Long Joc, Vietnam (UK)
  • RPS Energy (UK)
  • Dana Gas (Cairo)
  • Qatar Petroleum  (Qatar)
  • EGPC (Cairo)
  • Petrobel (Cairo)
  • Khalda (Cairo)
  • Qarun (Cairo)
  • KPC (Kuwait) 
  • OXI (Oman)


  • “Estimation of Formation Characteristics From Nuclear and Other Well-Logs” M. Sc. Thesis, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, (Cairo, Egypt, 1986)
  • “Accurate Estimation of Water Saturation in Complex Carbonate Reservoirs” presented in the “2nd Abu Dhabi Petroleum Conference”,  (Abu Dhabi, April 1986)
  • “Accurate Estimation of Water Saturation in Complex Carbonate Reservoirs” SPE 15714 presented in the fifth SPE Middle East oil show (Bahrain, March 1987)
  • “Petrophysical Model Evaluation of Arab–D in Satah Field, Arabian Gulf, Using Modern Logs and Techniques” Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, PP. 212 (Cairo, Egypt, 1996)
  • “The Use of Well Logging Analysis in Identifying The Bitumen Occurrences and Determining Their Effects on The Reservoir Characteristics in Satah Field, Arabian Gulf” presented in the “GAW-4” (Geology of Arab World),  (Cairo University, Feb., 1998).
  • “Lithofacies Identification in Satah Field, Arabian Gulf, Using Well Log Analysis and Modern Technique of Multi-Well Data Base” presented in the EGPC 14th Petroleum Conference (Cairo, Oct. 1998).
  • “Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling of Arab–D in Satah Field, Arabian Gulf, Using Multi-Well Data Base and Modern Techniques” presented in the EGPC 14th Petroleum Conference (Cairo, Oct., 1998).
  • “Application of Modern Techniques and Data Base for Reservoir Petrophysical Modelling” presented in the “MOC 2002” (Mediterranean Offshore Conference & Exhibition), (Alexandria, April 2002). 
  • Numerous internal studies in petrophysics were done for GUPCO (Egypt), ADCO and ADNOC (Abu Dhabi) and QGPC (Qatar).