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Mr. Jim Oswald, C.Eng, MIMechE

Leading Gas Turbine Failure Investigation Consultant


Jim has 35 years experience designing & developing gas turbines and more than 20 years experience gas turbine failure investigations.

Oswald Established an engineering consultancy in 2003 providing technical support for design and development support for new and operating gas turbine plant and other new product developments in the energy industry.

Previous experiences gained in international energy company - new product design & development and company strategy. Extensive technical knowledge is combined with excellent presentation skills, business acumen, international experience and a desire to assist others in the field of energy. Well regarded for ability to communicate, innovate and solve technically challenging issues.

His specialty: Gas Turbine design, Risk assessment, Managing development programmes, Stress analysis, Lifing components, Creep analysis, System design, Innovation & Turbine design.

Some of his clients: GDF Suez, Teesside Power Station, Rolls-Royce, Babcock International Group, Infinis Energy Services, Energy Technology Institute, E.on, PX Ltd, Stadtkraft, Carbon Trust, ITM Fuel Cells, etc.