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Uday B. Kale (M. Eng. Mechanical)

Technical Director - KUB Quality Services


Uday B. Kale is a Post Graduate Mechanical Engineer with experience in Inspection, Welding and NDE/NDT projects for last 19 years. Currently he is the technical director of M/s KUB Quality Services. He has involved in inspection, welding and NDT projects in the Middle East, Africa and India on offshore production platform and petrochemical refineries. He has vast experience in Manufacturing and In Service Inspection of Static Equipment used in Oil and Gas.

Mr. Uday is very well-versed in international Codes and Standards. He performed and led the shutdown teams in performing NDE, internal and external inspection of equipments in central processing plant, ammonia plant, FCCU, SRU, SWS and amine treating units for Code stamp facilities of ADCO, Qatar Petroleum, Oil India, QAFAC, Banagas, Al Jubail Fertilizer Company, and other various units of Refineries, Petrochemicals, Gas Plant and Fertilizer Plant and so on.

He was a lead API inspector for various shutdown and Turnaround. He was also the appointed plant inspector for BP (GUPCO) in asset integrity management, who took charge of 9 offshore production complex, 75 Satellites and Onshore process units involving Close Visual Inspection of piping, equipments, NDT co-ordination, Baseline and Corrosion Monitoring. Furthermore, as an Inspector in GASCO OAG pipeline project, he conducted and witnessed Ultrasonic Examination of first 50 production weld joints of pipeline done by PWT (Pipe Welding Technology, GMAW).

With his extensive involvement in various projects, Mr. Uday is also an enthusiastic and knowledgeable mentor, who has been a faculty in training, examination, qualification and certification of API 510 & 570, ASME B31.3, API653, welding and NDT in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He is a charted engineer with 25+ International certification in Welding, NDE and In Service Inspection.


Summary of his professional achievement:

  • API 510 - Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector - Certificate #26785
  • API 570 - Authorized Piping Inspector - Certificate #38157
  • API 653 - Authorized Above storage Tank Inspector-Certificate #27926
  • API SIFE - Source Inspector Fixed Equipment - Certificate #52837
  • API SIRE - Source Inspector Rotating Equipment - Certificate #63573
  • API 580 - Risk Based Inspection - Certificate #50553
  • API 1169 - Pipeline Construction Inspector - Certificate #73409
  • Certified Welding Inspector (AWS) Certificate #00071941
  • CSWIP 3.1 Certificate #58489
  • ACCP Professional Level III (RT, UT, MT, VT) ASNT ID - 83835
  • RT 2 - Certified Site Incharge (BARC, India)
  • ASNT NDT Level III (RT, UT, MT, VT, PT, ET, LT ), ASNT ID - 83835
  • EN 473 (ISO 9721) Level 3 (RT, UT, MT, PT, VT)