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Prof. Dr. Moustafa M. El-Gammal

Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Alexandria, Egypt


Prof. Dr. Moustafa M. El-Gammal has over 45 years in industry, principally in corrosion of structural and industrial protection design systems. His vast experience has been extensively in various technical and practical fields as well as offering consultancy to several clients in fields as offshore corrosion protection system designs, marine and ship hull protection systems and topside corrosion protection in chemical, fertilizer and petrochemical industries.

He is a Senior Instructor for many in-house and international courses in Asset Integrity in Pipeline Industries with major international companies.

Prof. Dr. El-Gammal was the Principal Research Officer at B.S.R.A., Wallsend Research Station, U.K., from 1980 to 1982, main contribution was to share in developing a design manual for marine and offshore structures.

He has developed and proposed a passive coating procedure for marine, ships and offshore structures published in the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, 1997 - Vol. III, Applications, Scheme of Coating and Surface Treatment, pp 315-324. The method has been patented by the Royal Chemistry in London by the IBSN O-85404-757-3. Due to being very simple and adaptive, it is still applied by the interested industrialists in different fields and strategic projects in Egypt and elsewhere.

Prof. Dr. El-Gammal has promoted approach called by the same author as Fitness for performance maintenance, which is based on an estimated trouble free life which in turn is based on probabilistic fracture and stochastic approaches. The approach has been developed and investigated in different local and international conferences. The recent which was SIAM-2001 in Toronto, Canada, and OMAINTEC 2009 and 2010 respectively, Lebanon that dealt with recycling life of fractured components in marine and industrial cases. The author has been nominated in 2009 to have the Distinguished Maintenance Engineer from SAUDI Transportation Institute, Jeddah as well as the 2009 Arab Hariri, Hariri Foundation, Lebanon, Beirut Awards.

He has been interviewed by Oil & Gas International Online Journal on Stop Corrosion in pipelines with other numerous publications on topics including welding engineering, material technology, industrial maintenance engineering, asset integrity management and metal protection.