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H. Roice Nelson Jr.

Co-Founder & Manager, Dynamic Measurement LLC


Roice Nelson, Jr is a recognized authority in the field of petroleum geoscience with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Roice is the initial founder of several companies including Dynamic Resources Corporation, Landmark Graphics Corporation, Continuum Resources Interational Corporation, Walden 3-D Inc, and Dynamic Oil & Gas Corporation. Through the conception of these companies, he has made great contributions that has changed the landscape of geological exploration.

Among these businesses, Landmark Graphics earned the greatest sucess story. In his time in Landmark, Roice has helped developed the first 3D seismic data interpretation software. Since then, it has changed the way every oil company in the world looks for oil and gas, which made a major impact on petroleum usage and availability. Roice has also created a university program which placed advanced interactive interpretation systems in many universities worldwide to support research and teaching. At present, Landmark Graphics is now under Halliburton.

In 1999, Roice was presented by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) with a Cecil Green Enterprise Award to recognize his contribution in the field of petroleum exploration.

Partial Project List:

BHP Billiton - Lease sale where BHP won over 70 offshore subsalt leases
Bureau of Economic Geology - Located 180 drilling locations in Orinoco heavy oil belt
ConocoPhillips - Regional lightning study of western North Dakota and tying in of two 3D seismic surveys
Fletcher Petroleum - Three 3D seismic interpartions in Indonesia
Layton Energy - Interpretation of 14 3D seidmic surveys in Texas Gulf Coast
PetroChina JiDong Oil Field - 3,700 B/D field discovery in Bohai Bay
PetroChina Tarim Oil Field -130 BCM world class gas field in XingJian Province
Phoenix Exploration - Regional 2D interpretation in Eastern India
Saudi Aramco - Light Oil Shaybah Field Discovery
Texaco - Interpretation and 3D modelling of Agbami discovery, offshore Nigeria

As a geoscientist he has solid experience in seismic data acquisition, processing, and interpretation. To name a few, his seismic data acquisition work included seismic field crews in:

- Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA

- Offshore Nigeria

- Offshore Cameroon

-Alvar, New Mexico


His regional interpretation projects include:

- Sediments of Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

- The Andaman Sea

- Indonesia

- Malaysia and Thailand

- Offshore Argentina and Uruguay

- The Gargano High, Italy

- Gulf of Kutch, India

- Bohai Oil Field, Republic of China

Aside from his industry work, Roice has also published and presented over 150 papers at different professional conventions, organized research workshop with SEG, and taught a number of SAL, IHRDC, Landmark Graphics, HyperMedia, and Continuum Resources pubic and private traininings. He is currently an active member of several organizations including AAPG, EAGE, GSH, HGS, SEG, and World Future Society. His involvement in these organizations reflects his continuous commitment to improve multi-disciplinary interactive interpretation developments and techniques in petroleum exploration.