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Jean-Pierre Favennec



Jean-Pierre began his career as a consultant in the oil industry and worked on a number of projects in the field of gas production, refining, and petrochemical complexes, including numerous studies concerning the strategies, pricing, and profitability of these sectors. He was previously a project manager in over fifty different countries from South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He was previously Director of the Centre for Economics and Management and Director Expert at the IFP School where he has been a professor till present. Jean-Pierre Favennec is a specialist in energy, including energy economics, geopolitics and the strategic aspects. He has also worked more specifically on the downstream sector of the hydrocarbons industry, and has written a number of papers on these subjects. He is the author of several books: “Refining Economics and Management”; “Research and Production of Oil and Gas: Reserves, Costs, Contract”; “Energy: at which price?” and “The Geopolitics of Energy”. He is also the director and manager of worldwide well known conferences like the International Oil Summit and the International Gas and Electricity Summit, held each year in Paris for fifteen years and of the Energy Congress in Africa, held each year in Africa.