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Adel Ali Bassal

Offshore Rig Building Senior Mechanical Engineer


Adel Bassal is an oil field veteran who worked in the oil field for over 30 years, 10 of which were on offshore drilling rigs. Then he moved to work for oil field services companies in high management positions. Adel is an inventor with 10 patents in his name for oil well drilling tools.

Adel Bassal has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering-Drilling, USA. He conducted a number of consultancy jobs, and instructed drilling engineering at the university in Australia. Adel’s experience is in a wide range of oilfield jobs, offshore drilling, manufacturing, QA and QC and design for the oil field.


Summary of his professional achievement:

Adel has conducted a number of in-house training courses for the engineering teams in the companies he worked for. Adel held the position of President in South Pacific Oil Tools (SPOT), Region Engineering Manager in Weatherford, QA Director and Acting Senior Vice President in Omni Oil Technologies, R&D and Operations Manager in Gearhart Australia and Engineering and QA Director in Transco Australia.