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Jos G. Maas

Reservoir Engineering Advisor


- Associate, Panterra GeoConsultants
- Advisor, TNO Geosciences Utrecht
- Past-president and former Director, The Society of Core Analysts


Jos Maas studied experimental physics at Amsterdam University and obtained his PhD in 1976. For that, he built a tandem mass-spectrometer and wrote a simulator program to analyse the data by forward modeling of ion trajectories. Analysing experiments through interpretation-by-simulation has been the continuous factor in his whole career.

He joined Shell in 1976 and has held a variety of positions over his 33 years of service. His activities centred on reservoir engineering, including experimental research in the lab in the Netherlands on a.o. EOR with steam, or in Venezuela (seconded to Intevep SA), operational work in Oman, head of Shell SCAL R&D (focusing a.o. on the measurement of remaining versus residual oil saturation, low salinity flooding, SCAL for EOR), CO2 EOR (a.o. at Shell's Bellaire Technology Center in Houston), head of Geothermal R&D, Shell's technical lead for CO2SINK (a European CO2 sequestration demo project).

Jos is a Past-President of the Society of Core Analysts (SCA) and was the VP Technology of the first SCA Symposium in Abu-Dhabi. He is member of the SCA Technical Committee for more years than he can remember.

Presently Jos is enjoying an active retirement, being part-time Reservoir Engineering Advisor to TNO in the Netherlands. In addition, he teaches for IFP Paris and is associated with PanTerra Geoconsultants BV. Recently, he has revived the SCORES web site, now a user interface to DuMux, which provides a SCAL simulator free-of-charge (see paper SCA 2011-08).


Summary of his professional achievement:

He is the proud recipient of the SCA 2011 Darcy Award for Technical Achievement.