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Ahmed Ouenes

Founder & CEO, FracGEo


Ahmed is the founder and CEO of FracGeo, a technology company that specializes in improving the development of unconventional reservoirs. He has occupied different positions in consulting, academia, R&D, software development, and operating oil and gas fields. Ahmed’s main interest is the development of improved reservoir characterization technologies. He has been focusing lately on new ways to integrate geomechanics with geology and geophysics to predict microseismic events as well as permeability and proppant distribution in the SRV regions for unconventional reservoirs. In the past, Ahmed was a Global Director at SIGMA CUBED and also the founder and president of Prism Seismic, a software and consulting company sold in 2011 to the Symphony Technology Group that formed the SIGMA CUBED group. Previously he was Chief Reservoir Engineer at (RC)2 where he developed the first commercial software for the Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM) technology. Ahmed was also Executive Vice President of an independent oil and gas producer. Ahmed has successfully characterized and simulated more than 100 fractured reservoirs around the world.


Ahmed graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from New Mexico Tech. He is the author of more than 70 papers on various complex reservoir studies and new reservoir modeling techniques that covers a wide range of specialties including wettability, geostatistics, upscaling, reservoir simulation and history matching, artificial intelligence, advanced geophysics, fracture modeling, geomechanics and software development. He teaches fracture modeling courses for AAPG, CSEG and other professional organizations.


Few Completed Projects:
Completed more than 200 projects that integrate geophysics, geology, and reservoir stimulation into coherent reservoir models that are validated with actual drilling. Among his recent projects are:
- 2012 Cooper Energy (Perth Australia) – Aboid Fracture Modelling in Tunisa
- 2011 Spectra Energy (Texas USA) – Fractured Gas Storage Characterization
- 2011 Anadarko (Texas USA) – Marcellus Shale Characterization
- 2010-2011 AGOCO (Libya) – Inregrated Studies in Ghadames and Sirte Basins

Ahmed has published more than 60 papers of various field studies and reservoir modeling topics including geostatistics, upscalling, reservoir stimulation, artificial intelligence, advanced geophysics, fracture modeling and software development.

- Predicting Microseismicity from Geomechanical Modeling of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures Interacting with Natural Fractures – Application to the Marcellus and Eagle Ford, URTeC 1923762, 2014

- Estimation of Stimulated Reservoir Volume using the concept of Shale Capacity and its validation with microseismic and well performance: application to the Marcellus and Haynesville, SPE 169564, 2014

- Distribution of well performances in shale reservoirs and their predictions using the concept of shale capacity, SPE 16778, 2014.

- Seismically driven characterization of unconventional shale plays, CSEG Recorder, Feb 2012

- Integrated Characterization and Simulation of the Fractured Tensleep Reservoir at Teapot Dome for CO2 Injection Design SPE 132404, 2010

- Impact of Pre-Stack and Post-Stack Seismic on Integrated Naturally Fractured Reservoir Characterization (SPE 87007, 2004)

- Integrated Fractured Reservoir Characterization and Simulation: Application to Sidi El Kilani Field, Tunisia (JPT )