Maintenance planning and scheduling is a structured procedure employed in managing maintenance activities within an organization. Its purpose is to create and execute plans and schedules that enable maintenance work to be carried out effectively.

Maintenance planning involves identifying the extent of work, determining the essential resources, estimating time and expenses, and formulating a comprehensive plan to execute maintenance tasks. This encompasses defining job specifications, procuring materials and equipment, coordinating with other departments, and establishing a timeline for completion.

What Is Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course Overview?

PetroSync is aware that effective planning and scheduling are essential in improving a maintenance organization’s efficiency and achieving “Maintenance in World Class” status. Surveys indicate that planning can boost work performance productivity by up to 77%.

Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been a decline in the emphasis on planning and scheduling, leading to a loss of expertise in these areas. Nowadays, service technicians often find themselves responsible for preparing and executing their work tasks.

For this arrangement to function effectively, service technicians must communicate and collaborate effectively with schedulers, work management, and production/operations teams. This necessitates a clearly defined and communicated work process among all involved personnel, along with the requisite knowledge and skills in planning and scheduling maintenance job plans.

What Is Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course Objective?

The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course aims to provide you with the theoretical understanding and relevant skills to plan and schedule maintenance activities proficiently. PetroSync crafts the training course to help you gain fundamental principles and optimal techniques employed in maintenance planning and scheduling.

By joining PetroSync’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course, you will be able to formulate maintenance plans, devise schedules, optimize resources, recognize shutdowns, and enhance overall maintenance performance.

Ultimately, this training course empowers you to maximize equipment availability, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency using effective maintenance planning and scheduling. By the end of the training, you will grasp the importance of planned work and its impact on various stakeholders and maintenance metrics.maintenance planning and scheduling training course by petrosync oil and gas, petrochemical, and powerplants training provider

What Is Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course Outline?

The outline regarding PetroSync’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course is below. You can refer to PetroSync’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling training course details for a more complete outline.


Day 1: Roles and Responsibilities

  • The role of planning in the organization
  • Maintenance strategies and link to failure
  • Degradation characteristics (Physics of failure)
  • Work order structure and contents
  • International standard ISO 14224 and its utilization
  • Workflow
  • Planning workflow (best practice)
  • Data system management (CMMS / EAM)
  • Permits and TRAs
  • Handover procedures
  • Scoping
  • Work and resource assignment
  • Error notification
  • Error codes (Failure codes)
  • Notification procedure
  • Failure Reporting and corrective action system development (FRACAS)
  • Case Study/Exercise: Developing the correct maintenance strategy for a system


Day 2: Prioritizing Work Orders

  • Criticality, functional priority, and Risk
  • Developing criticality metrics
  • Risk per ISO 31000
  • Developing criticality studies for maintenance
  • purposes (Norsok-Z008)
  • Risk Priority Number in HAZOP and design
  • Dependency diagrams
  • Planning
  • The planning process (What, Where, When, How)
  • Planning and project management tools (Gant Charts, PERT charts,  etc.)
  • Assigning and following project critical path
  • Case Study/Exercise: Develop detailed work plans (SOP) or work instructions


Day 3: Scheduling

  • Scheduling process (Who, resource allocation, expediting)
  • Managing MRO inventory
  • Skills Metrics
  • Efficient planning and scheduling meetings
  • Meeting schedule planning
  • Meeting types
  • Conflict resolution


Day 4: Shutdown Planning

  • The reasons for shutdowns (Technical)
  • The anatomy of a shutdown
  • Planning a shutdown
  • Shut down meetings
  • Training and synchronization
  • Scoping and verifying work
  • Detailed planning and scheduling of activities
  • Closeout and post mortem


Day 5: Improvements

  • Lessons learned
  • Optimizing performance
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Follow-up and key performance indicators (KPIs) (Day 5)
  • Setting objectives
  • Identifying Key result areas
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Case Study/Exercise: Be planned and scheduled, and finally, appropriate KPIs will be developed to monitor and track behavior and performance


Who Should Attend a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Training Course?

The training course is designed to be advantageous for but not limited to:

  • Personnel from production/operations and maintenance
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Personnel responsible for spare parts
  • Other personnel involved

Depending on the industry scale, additional personnel may be involved, such as reliability engineers, maintenance supervisors, equipment operators, safety officers, and procurement specialists, for success in maintenance planning and scheduling. As a team, the personnel can collaborate for efficient resource allocation, timely execution of maintenance tasks, and improved overall equipment reliability and productivity.

PetroSync believes maintenance planning and scheduling are important in any production or operational setting. Enrolling in the training makes the involved personnel able to make informed decisions and organize plans to optimize maintenance activities. Reserve your training seat and improve your maintenance planning and scheduling performance with PetroSync!

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