Successful Project Cost Estimation & Control

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Monday May 07, 2018 | Larry R. Dysert | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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        Aaron A. Zick, Ph.D. 
PST0094  06 Dec 2011  09 Dec 2011  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  SGD 5995  Larry R. Dysert 
PST0094-201501  07 Sep 2015  11 Sep 2015  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  SGD 5995  Larry R. Dysert 
PST0094-201801  07 May 2018  09 May 2018  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  USD 2895  Larry R. Dysert 
Monday May 07, 2018 | Larry R. Dysert | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Designed to provide comprehensive of the fundamentals of estimation & control, this masterclass covers many subtle and advanced estimating & control concepts for specific industry like Oil & gas which are “equipment-centric”, and this influence is important in the selection of estimating methodologies and techniques used in estimate preparation. This process will be covered from both the contractor and owner’s points of view, noting the similarities and differences in the respective approach of each.

An emphasis will be placed on examining the conceptual estimating methodologies that can assist in preparing accurate estimates at early design stages of project. The cost control process will be based on the concept of Plan-Do-Check-Assess of total cost management framework.

Monday May 07, 2018 | Larry R. Dysert | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Day One: Total Cost Management Overview

  • Total Cost Management Process

  • Asset and Project Lifecycles

  • Organization and Leadership for TCM

  • Capital Investment

  • Project Control Process

  • TCM Knowledge Management

  • Project Planning

  • Establishing and Communicating Goals and Objectives

Day Two: Cost Estimating

  • Estimating Introduction

  • Capital Project Process and Estimate Classification

  • Estimate Preparation Workflow

  • Structuring the Estimate

  • Overview of Estimating Methodologies

  • Conceptual Estimating Methodologies

  • Exercise 1-Capacity Factored Estimate for Process Equipment

  • Exercise 2-Capacity Factored Estimate for Process Unit

  • Exercise 3 - Equipment Factored Estimate for Process Unit

Day Three: Cost Estimating

  • Biases in Estimating

  • Detailed Estimating

  • Estimate - Schedule Integration

  • Reliability Limitations/Estimate Accuracy

  • Estimating Uncertainty

  • Presenting the Estimate

  • Estimate Quality Management

  • Exercise 4-Estimate Preparation for Sample Project

  • Estimating Knowledge Management

  • Issues with Estimating Mega-Projects

Day Four: Cost Control

  • Total Cost Management (TCM) Overview

  • Planning

  • Establishing Baselines

  • Budgeting

  • Cost Accounting

  • Performance Measurement

Day Five: Cost Control

  • Performance Analysis

  • Exercise 7-Performance Analysis

  • Forecasting

  • Exercise 8-Forecast Determination

  • Change Management

  • Risk Fund Management

  • Exercise 9-Contingency Drawdown

Monday May 07, 2018 | Larry R. Dysert | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • DRIVE a consistent and effective process across the execution of all projects then improve the results of the entire portfolio of projects

  • UNDERSTAND the AACE International best practices framework for Cost Engineering

  • CAPITALIZE on TCM cost engineering practices to increase your cost engineering accuracy

  • GAIN more in-depth knowledge of cost engineering estimation and control terminology

  • UNDERSTAND the different requirements for estimating throughout the project life cycle

  • OBTAIN a comprehensive understanding of estimating methodologies used throughout the project lifecycle, and when to use them

  • UNDERSTAND how progress measurement, performance assesment, realistic forecasting, and effective change management contribute to project success

Monday May 07, 2018 | Larry R. Dysert | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This course is intended for :

  • Cost Estimators

  • Cost Engineers

  • Cost Controllers

  • Quantitative Surveyor

  • Project Director

  • Project Head

  • Project Manager

  • Project Engineer

Monday May 07, 2018 | Larry R. Dysert | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Larry R. Dysert

Chair of Technical Board AACE International


Mr. Larry R. Dysert, CCC CEP has over 30 years of professional experience in estimating, management , project consulting and training experience in a wide variety of industries. Larry is the managing partner in Conquest Consulting Group, providing consulting services to process industry owners on recommended best practices for estimating, project controls, and project benchmarking. Larry has been responsible for the preparation of conceptual and detailed estimates for capital porjects, domestic and international, ranging to over $25 billion in size.

Active in AACE International, Larry is currently serving as the Chair of AACE’s Technical Board. Larry is also a Fellow of AACE International, a recipient of AACE’s Total Cost Management Award, a recipient of AACE Award of Merit, and an Honorary Lifetime Member. Larry was the Chair for the task force that developed AACE’s Certified Estimating Professional Program.

Larry has specialized in estimates of various project size, strategic importance, utilizing new technologies, and those involving in the use of parametric estimating methodologies. Larry has presented training seminars in estimating, cost metrics analysis, risk analysis and Total Cost Management to process industry companies around the world.