The CMRP (Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional) is a certification program provided by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) to acknowledge your skills and knowledge in maintenance and reliability.

It is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates your abilities in various areas, such as equipment reliability, maintenance strategy development, work management, and leadership.

What Is CMRP Training Course Overview?

The CMRP certification is highly relevant to the petrochemical and energy industry as these industries rely heavily on maintenance and reliability to ensure safe and efficient operations of their equipment and facilities.

The petrochemical and energy industries involve complex processes and equipment, and any failure or downtime can have severe safety and environmental impact and financial losses.

What Is CMRP Training Course Objective?

In today’s world, it has become a common practice for global companies in almost every industry to expect their employees or potential talent to have the necessary skills and knowledge. Many of these companies require their employees or potential candidates to obtain certification as a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) through the certifying body, SMRP.

CMRP training course by PetroSync
CMRP training course held by PetroSync

PetroSync’s 5-day Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional training course aims to help attendees improve their knowledge and skills in the maintenance and reliability domain. Our training course offers a thorough comprehension of the principles and most effective approaches concerning maintenance and reliability and prepares attendees for the CMRP certification test.

What Is CMRP Training Course Outline?

The outlines regarding PetroSync’s CMRP training course are listed down below.

Day 1: Manufacturing Process Reliability

This subject area focuses on how maintenance and reliability activities can enhance the manufacturing process of an organization. It aims to establish a connection between these activities and the manufacturing process to ensure that maintenance and reliability efforts lead to improvements.

  1. Understand the applicable processes
  2. Apply process improvement techniques
  3. Manage the effects of the change to processes and equipment
  4. Maintain processes by applicable standards and regulations

certified maintenance reliability professional - oil and gas training by PetroSync

Day 2: Equipment Reliability

The second subject area discusses two types of activities that are relevant to the equipment and processes that fall under the responsibility of a maintenance and reliability professional. The first type involves evaluating the current reliability, availability, maintainability, and criticality of the equipment and processes.

The second type involves selecting and implementing suitable maintenance practices to ensure the equipment and processes can continue to function safely and efficiently.

  1. Determine equipment reliability expectations.
  2. Evaluate equipment reliability and identify improvement opportunities
  3. Establish a strategic plan to ensure the reliability of existing equipment
  4. Establish a strategic plan to assure the reliability of new equipment
  5. Cost-justify selected plans for implementation
  6. Implement selected plans to assure equipment reliability
  7. Review the reliability of equipment and adjust the reliability strategy

Day 3: Work Management

This area of study concentrates on the abilities necessary to carry out maintenance and reliability work effectively. It involves organizing and arranging tasks, ensuring maintenance activities meet the required standards, and managing stores and inventory of necessary equipment and materials.

  1. Identify, validate, and approve work
  2. Prioritize work
  3. Plan work
  4. Schedule work
  5. Execute work
  6. Document work
  7. Analyze work and follow-up
  8. Measure work management performance
  9. Plan and execute projects
  10. Use information technologies effectively
  11. Manage resources and materials

Day 4: Organization & Leadership

This field of study outlines processes to ensure that the maintenance and reliability staff is the most skilled and appropriately assigned to accomplish the organization’s maintenance and reliability goals.

  1. Determine organizational requirements
  2. Analyze organizational capability
  3. Develop the organizational structure
  4. Develop personnel
  5. Lead and manage people

Day 5: Business and Management

This subject area focuses on the abilities necessary to convert an organization’s business objectives into suitable maintenance and reliability goals that align with and aid in achieving the organization’s desired outcomes.

  1. Create strategic direction and plan for M&R operations
  2. Administer strategic plan
  3. Measure performance
  4. Manage organizational plan
  5. Communicate with stakeholders
  6. Manage environmental-health-safety risk

Does SMRP issue any CMRP Certification?

Yes, there is a CMRP certification issued by SMRP. The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) issues the globally recognized Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) certification, which confirms your expertise and competence in maintenance and reliability.

The CMRP certification requires you to fulfill the eligibility criteria and pass an intensive exam that assesses your knowledge in several areas. Once passing the exam, you may keep your credentials for three years but must meet the maintenance requirements to sustain them.

Who Should Attend CMRP Training Course?

PetroSync’s training course is intended for but not limited to professionals involved in maintenance and reliability activities in these industries.

  • Maintenance and Reliability Professionals
  • Production/Operations Professionals
  • Senior Engineering, Maintenance, and Reliability Managers

If you are interested in taking the CMRP certification, enrolling in CMRP training is strongly recommended. PetroSync’s training course covers a comprehensive understanding of principles and best practices. Our instructor comes from a proven maintenance and reliability background, allowing you to not just learn, but have relevant knowledge and discussion. Enhance your practical experience by understanding the body of knowledge of CMRP with PetroSync!

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